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Your colaboration in images, articles, etc, are wanted!...

1969 !Old days...
traveling over Africa in a fantastic Auster..
And.. in an all new Piper model.. 1970
No GPS at that time, but equiped with a nice flight director and a lot of other goodies; and a lot of airspace free to explore!
2001 ..at last the fantastics ULMs!
No flight director, but soon equiped. No weather radar, but GPS MAP with lot of info, and soon satelite teleofone and computer conected to everywere on earth, by internet ofcourse, so you will have the last info on weather, and may be trafic information net direct!
Concord ... or not
Over mountain..
This is the top of Star mountain in Portugal, is the higesth point in Portuguese Iberia part.
Concorde or not...

The evolution of ULMs are fastest then mentalities!

Wanted more! tell me ...