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(Para breve em Português!)


News from WAG2001...!    Last update: 2001/07/12

   Brief summary of the news, images and related stories, of World Air Games and World Ultralight Championship.  

As habitual...  still in preparation! or... waiting for your contributions! Fortunately some images already as been send, so many tanks to all contributors.    

Page dedicated to the Portuguese Team.

  The route:

Porto/VFranca/Benavente <=> Montemor <=> Beja <=> Guillena <=> Alcolea <=> Linares <=> Beas

Beas de segura <=> Cordoba <=> Guillena <=> Montemor <=> Porto/VFranca/Benavente


Next images are related to the adventure to go and come back to WAG2001, with such little, but great aircrafts!


The trip to be there:

Mistral crew, almost ready... and...
Strictly dressed, in order to defy the inclemency of hot weather, red dust, and other rigors of competition!

Guillena  near Sevilha, refueling...  
The intrepid ULM's on the going and coming to Beas are refueled at this small but charming airfield, tanks to the understanding local people. An ULM´s school exist there, so we are not looked as complete nuts coming in strange planes!
  more later

on this issue

Alcolea; ... a strictly private airfield!
On the going to Beas we have the idea of not landing at Cordoba airfield to avoid the heavy traffic of aircrafts participating in WAG events, and refuel at this en route small agricultural airfield, this cost us extensive negotiations and almost very heavy landing tax's!

Beas airfield director tell us by radio that we only be accepted at airfield at s unset. Because we intended to land and wait here for a wile. but we have the idea to land only one plane and ask to a guy we have view in a truck nearby if there are tax's and how much it costs! and... indeed he asked for 3000 pesetas for each landing! 

Late arrival at airfield area
At the requesting of director we arrived after sunset, with lots of PPG's and other aircrafts still in the air!

Beas de Segura airfield area
Aerial view of field. A lot of olive trees, stones and red dust everywhere around!



At Beas de Segura :         


Camping area   

We arrived here after mid night!.. and mounted the tents in darkness!..

I fill as returning many years ago, when I also enjoy to overfill the senses with the delights of lots of pure air, dust, stones, stars, insects, sounds and other amenities of close encounters with wild nature!

Some air reconnaissance...

One day spent in the bureaucracy and paper work to register people and aircrafts, inspections, and finally free for some air reconnaissance , next day is for good.

Control hangar area
Weighing aircrafts, fuels, pilots, inspections and other controls, are there.

A shadow is a necessity!

Lots of sun in Beas. At mid day, people needed a shadow to avoid the sunburst.

Some one is not there... were is Lino?
Searching for someone with lovely blue eyes? Could be, but no ... he's on duty, registering in a picture the historic moment of Portugal first participation in an International ULM competition, hided behind the camera but not at all forgotten!

A picture for History!     All the Portuguese Team lined up to represent and competes for first time in the international World Championships and simultaneously in the World Air Games both events happening simultaneously in Beas. From right: Antonio Alves, Joao Jordao, Lino Gonçalves, Jose Bras, Carlos Trigo, Paulo Lemos, Fernando Rodrigues, Fernando Ricardo Leite .



Calling the Portuguese Team! 

...it's time to go!... and in style!




Portugal & USA team...



& Japan team...



& Ukraine team...



& China team...


Youth is present and well represented!
My team young fellow as his own and blue perspective of the games! Actually as I believe he was the young concurrent as pilot, but not the youngest participant!


Some thing interesting there?
May be a hot speech or ... what?

The Portuguese team!

At parking area



At competition time :   

 We don't have yet all material ready... try later and soon...  however I can leave now some  stuff! Feedback appreciated!  

Control hangar area
Weighing aircrafts, fuels, pilots, inspections and other controls, are there.
Looking tired? ... Really!!!
Imagine that you has just quitting out after near eleven hours of continuous flying!.. in a  cabin not comparable to top airliner ones, and performing a lot of constant maneuvers! and even that... you are so lucky!... because if it's not so... only...18Kg of fuel... delivered to each competitor in this task!! ... You will be in a real trouble!!!
Ready to win?
Oh yes!.. Smiling and... smelling victory!

Zen knows the Mistral haven't the same chance!

Things nobody  can loose!
Given the hot environment, this place proved to be irresistible!
At that time, only if ... under a shady tree!
Have I miss something?
Who knows?
Concurrent RAL1 and Classic Classes Deputy
Antonio Del Rio, like at home and ready to win.

Aeroprakt    I had the opportunity to test fly this interesting aircraft. In front seat, the field of view are exceptionally good. At cruise speed nose is at down attitude and viewing is better than in average gliders! very impressive! The materials, seems of good quality and well designed. Keep it simple and practical seems to be the logic, and I like that way of do that air things! Except for the large train, it looks clean, and indeed it cruises easily at more than 170Km/h! It proved also to be a great maneuverable plane.
I intended to download more...  still waiting for more pictures!

But for now... That's all,